Hey friends. Welcome to Choppers Custom Salads.

As you probably guessed from our name, we make salads. Damn good ones. But that’s not all. To round us out, we also have excellent wraps and soups. All available for absolutely free delivery right to your mouth.

Our soups offerings change on a daily basis, so be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out what’s cooking, as well as daily specials and deals. Jouez casino770 jeux gratuits pour gagner de l'argent.

We’ve got four types of lettuce for you
to choose from. Or, mix them up any
way you like.

Add in up to four ingredients
(some, like the proteins, are a little extra)

One of 17 excellent dressings, including
all-natural, organic and light variations.

Your salad will be chopped into bite-size pieces so that you can put each forkful directly into your mouth and not on
your face.

We then toss it with one of the aforementioned excellent dressings.

Sit down, relax and eat up.

Or continue standing and take it to go to http://3princesshotel.com.

Either way, thanks for coming in and have a great day.

Wonderful Wrap Platters

Any of our delicious Chef Choice Salads chopped and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla neatly presented on platters. You can choose a variety of choices or all the same, you decide. After all you know your employees better than we do. (minimum of 10 people) From $6.50 per person

Choppers Bag Lunches

Our bag lunches come with a small salad (Any of our original Chef Choice Salads), and your choice of two sides. Choose between Boulder Chips (4 different flavors), bakery fresh cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin or sugar), or whole fresh seasonal fruit. Accompanying all bag lunches are a whole wheat tortilla, salt, pepper, fork, knife, napkin and a hard candy served in a biodegradable Choppers bag. From $9.49 per person (minimum 5 people)

Box Lunches

These are the same thing as bag lunches, but your salad comes as a wrap. From $8.99 per person (minimum 5 people)

Choppers Custom Catering

You can mix and match and match sizes and choices, whether you want to choose from our Chef Choices or custom build your own. We will deliver your salads just the way you want them. All salads served with a whole wheat tortilla triangle. See our menu for pricing.

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1765 Blake St. (between 17th & 18th) - Downtown Denver


phone: 303.292.0747
     fax: 303.292.0748

our faxable order form for the downtown location.



* We regret to inform you that our DTC location has closed, we hope to re-open in the DTC sometime in 2016

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